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PayPalIn addition to accepting major credit cards we are proud to accept payment via PayPal.  We believe PayPal to be the #1 online payment service on the Internet.  You can check out their web site at:

Currently, we do not have an online ordering system.   We've combined old fashioned customer service with the high tech world of the Internet.  You can phone our sales line and speak to a knowledgeable, helpful sales person! If you are outside of the Dallas-Ft.Worth area, phone our sales department TOLL FREE at (877) 537-2394. We thrive on educating the customer, not on high pressure sales tactics.  Dewclaw Sales wants you to know what you are getting and be happy with your purchase!

We service any make/model of mechanical clock feeder, no charge for estimates.

DEWCLAW SALES - Since 1987

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A word about e-mail...  We treat e-mail with nearly the same urgency as telephone communication.  E-mail is checked several times over the course of a day and answered as promptly as humanly possible.  We love talking with our customers via voice phone but rest assured your e-mail receives a high priority too!

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